Larry Weill's Books

Larry Weill has been many things in his life: financial planner, technical writer, trainer, Naval officer. He’s also been a wilderness ranger in the Adirondacks, and that led to another item on his resume—storyteller. Weill shares warm and often humorous experiences from his time as a ranger in the West Canada Lakes Wilderness Area in these wondeful books.


Larry Weil's novel, Adirondack Trail of Gold, is based on the saga of Robert Gordon, a British Loyalist who fled the violence of the American Revolution for the relative safety of Canada. Legend tells us that somewhere en route, he hid a massive cache of gold worth more than six million dollars.

Over a century later, the famous woodsman known as Adirondack French Louie was thrown into the middle of a search for Gordon s treasure. What he found surprised him, but when he passed away the secret cache was almost lost to history once again.


The treasure sat, almost forgotten, for another 100 years before a pair of friends set out to unravel the 230-year-old mystery. In the process, they find themselves mixed up in a cryptic maze of ancient maps, skeletons, phantom e-mail clues, and cunning adversaries.

Featuring a blend of historical fact with thrilling fiction, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering if the treasure will finally be found, or if it will be lost again...this time for good.